Saturday, July 9, 2011

Calendula Solar Oil

I can’t wait until that bright light shines
Never did run, never did hide,
Waitin’ to see your bright light shine.
We’ll wait ‘til the mornin’ comes,
We’ll laugh as the sun.
Bright and loud, ha, ha, ha!

Rusted Root, "Laugh as the Sun"

My Calendula (Calendula officinalis), is now in bloom, and have added that touch of golden warmth to the garden. On that note, I made a Calendula solar infused oil today. Once ready, the oil is ideal to use as a natural anti-aging reform, and to clear your complexion. Awesome, eh?

It's quite easy to make your own. All it takes is snipping off Calendula flower heads, drying them, and then adding the flowers to a sterilized and dry jar. Immerse the flower heads in extra-virgin olive oil (or your favorite oil). I also like to add vitamin E to the infusion, but this isn't necessary. Place the jar outside in direct sunlight for several weeks. The sun will warm the contents and allow the Calendula to relase its medicinal chemicals, thereby creating an influsion. Strain and bottle when ready.

Calendula solar oil.

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