Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quilting For Beginners

You know you're a science nerd when you make a science blanket. YAAAAS dinosaurs!

Wanting to take on a new task, I made a science-themed quilt. This is a relatively simple quilt to make and isn't anything fancy; the pattern I used is known as a "Trip Around the World" quilt. This type of quilt is quite easy to create, so it's perfect for beginners.

To create this quilt, 6 different cotton fabrics are needed. Out of these six fabrics, two are used for the borders (specifically, 1 1/2 yards for one block color and border #1; 1 5/8 yard for one block color and border #2, and lastly, 4 different 5/8 yard pieces are needed). I used twin-sized cotton batting and quilter's flannel (3 and 3/4 yard) for the backing fabric (quilter's flannel is excellent as it washes well, shrinks very little; not to mention it's so soft and warm). For the thread I used a vintage poly-cotton blend and Dual Duty thread. Some old-school quilters only use 100 percent cotton thread, but a poly-cotton blend is strong, machine-friendly, and lasts well.

When it came to choosing fabrics, I wanted the five fabric choices to vary and represent different science fields. I found the astronomy and paleontology prints at a local fabric store, but the brain, molecule chain, and moss cell fabric was purchased from Spoonflower.com. Spoonflower has unique, whimsical fabrics designed and sold by its users. The specialty fabric choices are immense; it's truly a fabric geek's dream come true. (Pssst, check out the awesome Legend of Zelda choices!)

I plan to take on pixel quilting, but I'm making a "Log Cabin" quilt next... although that one won't be as eccentric, alas.

My science-themed "Trip Around the World" quilt.

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